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There is only one thing better than the Goodwill…& that is a YARD SALE!

6 Oct

I get so excited on friday mornings here in Washington because it is what I call “opening day” for yard sales that usually last through the weekend. I have been trying really hard to resist going yard sale-ing the past couple of months because I have a tendency to get my “wants” and “needs” a little mixed up when I see so many sparkly (or in my case dusty!) objects luring me into their direction and begging me for a new coat of paint or a good scrub!

Out here in the north-west the yard sale season is winding down to a seasonal end because pretty soon we are going to be cold and wet. It was a slow day so I ventured off a little further than the norm searching for yard sale signs at every corner. Until finally I was led to what I call FATE! This yard sale was ALL FOR ME because pretty much everything I bought was for myself!

It was Hands down THE MOTHER LOAD OF CLOTHES! Which I so desperately need at the moment because in the past year I have lost almost 50 pounds. I can not even fit into the shoes I wore a year ago! So finding this yard sale was kismet for me. Everything my dear yard seller was selling FIT ME PERFECT…she was exactly my size and thankfully had the same taste! In fact I want to drive to her house again and beg her to be my stylist… her stuff was that cute!  On top of the clothes I also bought my daughter a metal Pier One bench for the foot of her bed. It still had the tag hanging from it and had spent its entire life in storage. SCORE FOR ME. I also purchased some adorable handbags including a brand new genuine Coach bag! Again…SCORE FOR ME!! Here are some pictures of my “new to me” gear…

I will start with the fun stuff. PURSES! I paid $2 for each purse except for the REAL Coach bag, that was $5 (what a steal!!)…

I also picked up some great Roxy, Abercrombie and American Eagle T-shirts in perfect condition for fifty cents a piece including that brand new GAP shirt with the tags still on it!

Next I found these really cute tanks trimmed with lace, sequins and ruffles all in perfect condition for fifty cents a piece!

I was in desperate need of sweaters that I was not swimming in so I pretty much bought all of her sweaters at $2 each! That grey one tucked in the back is an Abercrombie merino wool sweater that the seller paid almost $100 for!! Again, all I can say to this situation is “SCORE FOR ME!!”

And here are some adorable girly tops that I paid $1 each for…notice the gorgeous blue one with the satin ribbon…its Bebe!

Then I got these great knit tops that are perfect for work or layering under jackets when it starts to get cold. At $1 each I could not pass em up!

And last but not least I picked up this $45 Pier One bench for the foot of Taylor’s bed. The cushion has a couple of small spots on it but I plan on recovering it as soon as I can find some cute fabric! I figured I got so many steals with the clothes and bags I decided not to bargain her down on the price of the bench especially since it was brand new and exactly what I have been looking for for her room.

So, there you have it! My friday morning yard sale adventure. I was and still am thrilled with what I found. I did leave out a couple of things I had gotten…one being a black knit BCBG jumpsuit and a red knit top that were in the laundry this morning when I took these pictures:) The moral of this blog post is any one can drink champagne on a beer budget! Most people walk in my home and see how I decorate, look at what I (or my kids) wear and automatically assume I spend a fortune on all of this stuff but the truth is I DONT! I NEVER HAVE! AND  I NEVER WILL!!