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I love everything about having girls! Especially playing dress up!

11 Oct

We had a great weekend here in the 6Pack house. My husband came home to us from a long year of working in Seattle, we had the girls’ homecoming game on friday and then the homecoming dance on saturday. The extra special part was that my daughter was crowned homecoming princess for the freshman class. I looooove watching my girls go to dances because it is so much fun to go dress shopping, shoe shopping, jewelry shopping and do the hair and makeup thing with them! IT IS SO MUCH FUN! Then with all that I turn into “mom-parazzi!” Taking pictures is the next funnest part! So of course I have to share…

This is my oldest getting ready to cheer with her varsity cheer squad!

My princess who was crowned at halftime…

As you can see it was a rainy night on saturday, so I went out and got the girls a really cute umbrella!

My darlings all dolled up for saturday’s dance…

It was a fun friday and saturday night for us. I live for these special times and I am so glad I take a jillion pictures even if it annoys the heck out of them!

I am pretty sure someday they will thank me.

It has been a LONG weekend and I am POOPED. Hope everyone else out there has had a wonderful weekend as well.



Fall cleaning…in other words FALL OCD’n!

7 Oct

I love spring cleaning but I really get my big spring cleaning bug in the fall. I think it is because after a long lazy summer school hits and I start feeling the NEED to organize and with the pressure of the holidays just around the corner that urge to organize and clean hits me like a ton of bricks. So I have been calling this my “fall OCD.”

With organizing comes cleaning. You can’t organize shelves without dusting and scrubbing and I just cant stick a bin of neat and tidy odds and ends into a dirty area! I have been on the hunt for some cleaning products that do several things for me. Here was my criteria:

1. Find something that cleans more than one specific thing.

2. Find something that is cost-effective.

3. Find something that does not take a lot of space.

4. Find something environmentally friendly.


So in my search quest I was led to Shaklee’s GET CLEAN Basic H2 from a wonderful blogger named Bonnie at House of Grace. (FYI: click on those highlighted thingy’s for more info). I read how she had been cleaning with these products for years, how well they work and how they all fit into my criteria listed above. When I first started reading about them I was like, “is she for real?!” and now that I have tried them out I want everyone to know YES! She is FOR REAL! I am not affiliated with Shaklee in any way, I do not sell Shaklee products (I SELL THIS in case you wanted to know) and I do not know Bonnie personally (I only know her by reading her awesome blog!). I just want to share with my friends how cool this cleaning stuff really is. And just so we are clear…my family doesn’t usually live in a filthy disgusting house as your about to see from my nasty pictures. I cook. A LOT. So please, don’t choke on your morning coffee or your afternoon diet coke while you read this!!

My box of goodies arrived yesterday! Sweet! Goodies for me!!

“Awww SNAP!” Love the pretty containers! (I like pretty things, what can I say?!) Here is what my GET CLEAN household mini kit came with:

*Just FYI: I am pretty sure this super concentrated cleaning goodness will last until my kids all graduate high school.

Hmmm. What to try first? How about my filthy stove?

Did you see that cooked on dirty ring around the burner? There is no cleaning product I have ever found to remove that. And the inside of my oven window? I could never get that clean without scratching the heck out of it. Notice you can barely see through that oven window. I know its nasty BUT I COOK!

So I busted out the Scour Off heavy duty paste that came with my mini kit and went to town on the top and inside of my stove. I did put some good old fashion elbow grease into my scrubbing but the cool part was that while I was working at getting off all that caked on, three years worth of grime & yuckiness it was ACTUALLY WORKING. Peace out Comet and 409!!!

And this is my end result (choir in the background singing HALLELUJAH!)…

Did you see it?! Did you see it?! Its my wood floors VISIBLE THROUGH THE OVEN WINDOW!!! We can now see our Pillsbury biscuits rising while they bake! Dear Lord, This is a VERY good day!

Now check the top of my stove. That grimy, nasty cooking ring is gone! (I don’t even want to use my stove because it is so clean!)…

Then I just shined up the rest of the stainless steel with the Basic H2. (And, “NO MOM! IT DOES NOT LEAVE STREAKS!” My mother is a streak freak and will try ANYTHING to see if it leaves streaks!)…

Check out my dirty sink’s before photo shoot…

And her “after” shot (that is the Cindy Crawford of kitchen sinks right there!)…

I know. Its a beautiful thing…I will give you a moment to dry your eyes.


So now you have seen how dirty a family of six gets in less than a 24 hour period and how quickly I can clean up after them. After I was done cleaning my stove I used that Basic H2 on my windows (again, NOOO MOM! IT DID NOT LEAVE STREAKS!), my fridge, my counter tops and hardwood floors. I am so excited that I have a safe cleaner to use around the house and I can use it on EVERYTHING. It is also safe enough to be around my daughter who has asthma. Do you know what this means??? SHE CAN CLEAN HER OWN BATHROOM!!! High five to me!!

If you want more information go to THIS BLOG to see for yourself!


Happy cleaning!!


LovE LoVe lOvE the GOODWILL!

1 Oct

I have always shopped secondhand stores. Ever since I was in high school. I loved to go to antique stores with my grandma, prowl around garage sales, shop consignment stores, dig through thrift stores and sift through resale shops. It is seriously a disease for me! I have always found ways around paying full price and I think it just came out of necessity for me from when I was young. We started our family young (and I mean too young) and I didn’t want anyone to ever think we could not provide for our family or to ever look at my baby at the time and feel sorry for us in any way. I just would not have it! So I bought everything used. I “creatively shopped” for my baby and apartment and I HAVE NEVER STOPPED…fast forward 16 1/2 years later and you wouldn’t find me shopping at any high end retail stores (unless it is in the way back searching for red tags and clearance signs) even if I have the money. There is just NO REASON to waste money like that. With a little time, creativity and elbow grease I can always find what I need secondhand. For the most part that is…

Today was what I call a “GOOD Goodwill day!” I scored some pretty neat things and have to share:

I found these decorative balls and pears all in a bag ($6) and I knew they would be PERFECT in a bowl on my new coffee table (I will share the coffee table story later)…

Don’t they look perfect?!

This cute little faux plant ($2) was perfect for my powder room…

I had also found this pretty pink GAP sweater ($4.99) that has the cutest satin ribbon that ties the back together. Paired with my black skinny jeans, black riding boots and a string of pearls it made a darling outfit!

And of course a game for my kiddos for only $2…

And this is why I encourage people to shop frugal, shop penny pinching, SHOP THE GOODWILL! Nobody knows where your goods came from and quite frankly who cares!

20 Things I love about fall!

10 Sep

Boy am I in the MOOD for fall this year! I am feeling so nesty and fall twitter~pated that I can not control myself from starting early!  Here are my 20 favorite things about fall…

1.   Pumpkins! Nothing says fall like pumpkins and I am patiently waiting for my grocery store to get them in so I can start on my faux pumpkin patch in the front yard!

2.   My favorite fall simmer: Orange slices, whole cloves and cinnamon sticks covered in water and simmered on low on the stove. The kids LOVE coming home to this.

3.   Stews and soups bubbling on the stove or in the crockpot.

4.   The winds coming up from the gorge and blowing through our backyard trees.

5.   Dahlias! Dahlias! Dahlias! The local Dahlia farm is overflowing with Dahlias in every possible color and size you can imagine. I love taking the kids to cut Dahlias!

6.   Its time turn fire up the fireplace.

7.   Fall decorating…need I say more?

8.   Pulling out the fall decorating bins and pulling out last years end of season fall clearance deals!

9.   Kids are still on an an enthusiastic beginning of school year high!

10.  The leaves begin to change colors.

11.  Flannel sheets.

12.  Wearing boots!

13.  Candles burning.

14.  Reading a book to the sound of rain outside.

15.  Peets eggnog lattes! (Go try one ASAP!)

16.  Sporting my bright red peacoat.

17.  Enjoying a nice bottle of wine with friends.

18.  The excitement in my kids as Halloween approaches.

19.  Tis the season to be THANKFUL!

20.  Having a beautiful life and home is more about your attitude and state of mind than your state of perfection.

Sunday morning.

5 Sep

It is all nice and quiet in the Carranza house this sunday morning and that is because for the first time in a year and a half we didn’t have to do the sunday morning rush to get my oldest daughter to work on time. She drove herself there ALL BY HER BIG GIRL SELF! As I started this blog post I looked outside my office window and watched her car pull away. I can not believe she has her license now and is driving everywhere. Alone. Without me or Jason pressing our foot on to the imaginary break or grabbing on to the imaginary “holy shit bar.” Which keeps me in the constant thoughts of wondering why can’t I put my foot on to the imaginary break of life? and I sure hope I have an imaginary “holy shit bar” to hold on to when this kid goes off to college. I am so not ready for this phase…

But its inevitable. They all grow up and they grow up way too fast. In the meantime I will soak up every little precious heart panging moment I can. Like this morning…watching her pull away from the house for the first time without me.

All I can think to say is “Dude, life is NUTS!”

Hello AGAIN world!

9 Aug

So most of you know I had this goofy blog going for a bit called 6packaday. I was really enjoying being expressive over the internet until one day my email got hacked. Attached to my email was all of my personal information (address, phone numbers, birthday, etc.) and so was my previous blog. In a moment of paranoid panic I deleted everything. I wasn’t sure what the heck was going on but I knew that all of my personal information was compromised and I didn’t want to take any chances with my internet privacy. In the end I had come to find out it was just hackers getting into my email address to send all of my contacts a link to buy Viagra over the internet.


It was too late. I didn’t even get a chance to save my short stories but I am back…AGAIN. Same name just spelled a little differently because WordPress does not allow you to reuse blog names in order to keep from other people writing as the original author. I can dig it…makes sense.

So I am back at it again. I am changing it up a little bit this time around…maybe going to try out having less of a potty mouth and write about some more things besides just my kids. Maybe porn? Just kidding. I don’t know! We will see where it takes me. Thanks for reading and I hope to make you inspired, LAUGH OUT LOUD or roll your eyes.


The queen of the six pack:)