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Crazy for fall!

26 Aug

I am totally and completely known among Facebook for whining and complaining all through springtime about how I can not wait for it to be summer here in Washington. There is only so much precipitation this native San Diegan girl can handle. And now here I am wishing it was fall and we still have a month of summertime left! I swear my husband is right (sometimes) when he says “you will NEVER be happy!”

I consider it “FALL” when the kids go back to school which in our case comes a little early this year (YAY)…I am noticing every year they start a little earlier and earlier. Pretty soon they will start the fall school year in spring!
I snuck out a couple of fall decorations onto my front porch the other day so I can publicly tell my neighborhood “HELLO! I can’t wait for fall!!” Hopefully the neighbors wont mind my early approach to my most favorite season of the year…it makes me happy what can I say?! Here are a couple of little things that I snuck out early to greet me at my front door which sometimes is the perfect tonic when I am rushing around in a frenzy because it makes me stop for a second and puts a smile on my face…

Nothing says fall like my brown house with the mustard yellow front door. I think I naturally gravitate to fall colors!

This adorable sign I found last year on the clearance rack for about $6 and it is one of my most FAVORITE fall items that I have!

I treated myself to these gorgeous late summer/early fall Dahlias…

And this little candle holder from Yankee Candle that I COULD NOT resist gets my “Cutest Couple” award! Aren’t they just to die for! I love it!…