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Taking the “bored” out of a rainy afternoon.

29 Sep

I am sure that many of you out there already know a lot about altered art but I had this wild hair to alter something the other day while I was stuck inside on a gloomy and rainy afternoon here in Washington. I bought a mom’s planner and calendar kit from Costco a couple of weeks ago (I buy the calendar every year because it is VERY mom friendly). The only downside to the planner is, or I should say WAS…that it was a god awful yellow with cartoony things on the front. It was hands down THE GIANT BRIGHT YELLOW ELEPHANT in my office as it laid on my black desk. My kids even asked, “DUDE mom! Why would you buy that?!”

So the other day when I had a little spare time before I had to jet off to work to do a cooking class (and NO it was not to sell any products…it was a real cooking class at someone’s private home to teach actual cooking) I altered the office elephant! And just in case there is somebody out there who is not familiar with how to do it…here a quick and easy “how to!”

~I began with a very you, gee, ell, why planner.

~I used good old Mod Podge and put a good coating on to the front cover.

~I took a piece of pretty scrapbooking paper that I had outlined the front cover onto, cut out and adhered it to the front. Next I did the same to the back cover.

~I embellished the side of the planner with a bit of ribbon, lightly sanded the edges of the planner for a clean line and made a little bookmark to mark the week I am in on my planner. I took this thing from “OH MY GOD! WHAT IS THAT?!” to “Oh that’s a cute little thing!” in just a few minutes.

Now go alter something! If your anything like me you have got oodles and oodles of scrapbooking paper collecting dust!!