Update on the fall OCD’n!

8 Oct

I am going to make this short and sweet! After yesterday’s kitchen scrub down I finally got to my floors and did some under the sink organizing. I seriously needed an intervention with all the cleaning supplies that were piling up on me. I hate waste so I have a hard time throwing away a half used bottle of crappy cleaner. After I figured out all my new cleaning supplies worked great it was a go! PEACE OUT COMET AND 409!!!

YIKES! Check my before…

I wasn’t kidding when I said I needed an intervention. Whatevs! It happens to everyone, stuff piles up and you just got to give the house a good shake down! That is exactly what I did. I took my kitchen sink cabinet and dumped it into the garbage can, busted out my BFF the label maker, bought some Itso bins from Target (that I will also use in my future pantry organizing plans) and got me some ORGANIZATION!

Oh yeah…check my after!


Lastly, I went to town on my floors. I went out and bought a mop (my mom just keeled over from a heart attack…she HATES mops). I have officially gone “full mop circle.” I began with a mop, switched to a swiffer, converted to a steamer, tried every kind of micro fiber doo-dad-thing-a ma-bob and now I am back to a mop. And before you see what my new mop and new Get Clean products picked up off of my floor you may want to go get a barf bucket…

Seriously? Now that is just sick. I thought I was cleaning with all those doo-dad-thing-a-ma-bobs. Apparently I was just rubbing the muck and dirt all around the floors for fun and then letting my four kids roll all over it everyday.

So here is for you BEST MOM IN THE ENTIRE WORLD (wink wink)…


And Betsey says “HI everyone!!”

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