LovE LoVe lOvE the GOODWILL!

1 Oct

I have always shopped secondhand stores. Ever since I was in high school. I loved to go to antique stores with my grandma, prowl around garage sales, shop consignment stores, dig through thrift stores and sift through resale shops. It is seriously a disease for me! I have always found ways around paying full price and I think it just came out of necessity for me from when I was young. We started our family young (and I mean too young) and I didn’t want anyone to ever think we could not provide for our family or to ever look at my baby at the time and feel sorry for us in any way. I just would not have it! So I bought everything used. I “creatively shopped” for my baby and apartment and I HAVE NEVER STOPPED…fast forward 16 1/2 years later and you wouldn’t find me shopping at any high end retail stores (unless it is in the way back searching for red tags and clearance signs) even if I have the money. There is just NO REASON to waste money like that. With a little time, creativity and elbow grease I can always find what I need secondhand. For the most part that is…

Today was what I call a “GOOD Goodwill day!” I scored some pretty neat things and have to share:

I found these decorative balls and pears all in a bag ($6) and I knew they would be PERFECT in a bowl on my new coffee table (I will share the coffee table story later)…

Don’t they look perfect?!

This cute little faux plant ($2) was perfect for my powder room…

I had also found this pretty pink GAP sweater ($4.99) that has the cutest satin ribbon that ties the back together. Paired with my black skinny jeans, black riding boots and a string of pearls it made a darling outfit!

And of course a game for my kiddos for only $2…

And this is why I encourage people to shop frugal, shop penny pinching, SHOP THE GOODWILL! Nobody knows where your goods came from and quite frankly who cares!


3 Responses to “LovE LoVe lOvE the GOODWILL!”

  1. Bonnie @ House of Grace October 4, 2010 at 7:23 pm #

    Great finds! I love those awesome Goodwill runs!
    Bonnie 🙂

  2. janae October 14, 2010 at 12:32 pm #

    I love the pears in the bowl. I love the faux pears but I never know what to do with mine! I am stealing your idea!

  3. Suzie Q October 15, 2010 at 2:23 pm #

    You are urking my thrift store cravings! That stuff is so awsome. I can’t pay full price for anything anymore. Found Citizens and 7 jeans at Amvets! miss you, xoxo

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