Same great name…NEW SITE!

14 Oct

I have decided to move on over to blogspot!

Same great name.

Same great posts.

Please come on over to my blogwarming party at

Thinking of moving over to blogspot…

14 Oct

Dear WordPress,

I would love to be more creative on your site but you have got mah panties all up in a wad over widgets, gadgets, plugins, buttons and all the pretty stuff us girls like. Why do you have to be so hard to figure out? And why are you so quick to put the smack down on my creativity? My friend blogspot is so much more compatible with blogging dummies like myself that I am about to adopt a new blogging faith over yonder.
I am going to go play over at blogspot and see what I can come up with. I will let you know if I am leaving you when I am done with my play date…


If there are any suggestions out there in blogland I WOULD BE EVER SO GRATEFUL FOR YOUR INPUT:)

Conquering the visual noise monster…

13 Oct

I love having my craft supplies and office needs right at my fingertips but I hate to see it all the time in my office! It is what I call “visual noise.” It is sort of like looking at a weeks worth of crumbs on my hardwood floors and feels like drums, trumpets and cymbals banging around in my eyeballs! AAAaahhh! I hate it! To top that off our office is the first room to the left as you enter our house through the front door and it has glass french doors so there is NO HIDING THE CLUTTER! I have my little scrapbooking/crafting organizing modular thing-a-ma-jig tucked into the corner of the office so everytime I walk into my house I am greeted by that thing I call the “visual noise monster!” I thought about replacing it with a cabinet but I couldn’t find the right sized thing that had the storage ability I needed to house all my papers, cutters, glues, embellishments, punches, superhero gear and office supplies. So I just let it be and frowned at it every single time I walked past it.

Until I found these Itso bins from Target…

So Far these bins have made it under my kitchen sink, my pantry and now my office.

I am not a huge fan of the plasticy look BUT these were just the things to take control of all my bits of  craftingness.  (Note to new friends…I make up words A LOT).

Here is my before (frowny face)…

And here is my craft area Itsofied…

Aaaahhhhh. I just took a visual vacation.

I still need to do that one shelf BUT I bought every wide tray Target had. I will nab one more on my next Tar-jay run!

While I was busy conquering the clutter I put together a “family file” so all those pesky little papers from the mail, the schools, the this and the thats can get tucked away so I don’t have to look at them and when I need them I know right where they will be at. And hopefully with my obsession with labeling things my family will be able to find what they are looking for…(doubt it).

I owe my Itso craze to a really cool website called I got some great ideas from that website and continue to find fun, inexpensive and pretty ways to organize.

I am happy with what I see now and can blog peacefully!

I love everything about having girls! Especially playing dress up!

11 Oct

We had a great weekend here in the 6Pack house. My husband came home to us from a long year of working in Seattle, we had the girls’ homecoming game on friday and then the homecoming dance on saturday. The extra special part was that my daughter was crowned homecoming princess for the freshman class. I looooove watching my girls go to dances because it is so much fun to go dress shopping, shoe shopping, jewelry shopping and do the hair and makeup thing with them! IT IS SO MUCH FUN! Then with all that I turn into “mom-parazzi!” Taking pictures is the next funnest part! So of course I have to share…

This is my oldest getting ready to cheer with her varsity cheer squad!

My princess who was crowned at halftime…

As you can see it was a rainy night on saturday, so I went out and got the girls a really cute umbrella!

My darlings all dolled up for saturday’s dance…

It was a fun friday and saturday night for us. I live for these special times and I am so glad I take a jillion pictures even if it annoys the heck out of them!

I am pretty sure someday they will thank me.

It has been a LONG weekend and I am POOPED. Hope everyone else out there has had a wonderful weekend as well.


Update on the fall OCD’n!

8 Oct

I am going to make this short and sweet! After yesterday’s kitchen scrub down I finally got to my floors and did some under the sink organizing. I seriously needed an intervention with all the cleaning supplies that were piling up on me. I hate waste so I have a hard time throwing away a half used bottle of crappy cleaner. After I figured out all my new cleaning supplies worked great it was a go! PEACE OUT COMET AND 409!!!

YIKES! Check my before…

I wasn’t kidding when I said I needed an intervention. Whatevs! It happens to everyone, stuff piles up and you just got to give the house a good shake down! That is exactly what I did. I took my kitchen sink cabinet and dumped it into the garbage can, busted out my BFF the label maker, bought some Itso bins from Target (that I will also use in my future pantry organizing plans) and got me some ORGANIZATION!

Oh yeah…check my after!


Lastly, I went to town on my floors. I went out and bought a mop (my mom just keeled over from a heart attack…she HATES mops). I have officially gone “full mop circle.” I began with a mop, switched to a swiffer, converted to a steamer, tried every kind of micro fiber doo-dad-thing-a ma-bob and now I am back to a mop. And before you see what my new mop and new Get Clean products picked up off of my floor you may want to go get a barf bucket…

Seriously? Now that is just sick. I thought I was cleaning with all those doo-dad-thing-a-ma-bobs. Apparently I was just rubbing the muck and dirt all around the floors for fun and then letting my four kids roll all over it everyday.

So here is for you BEST MOM IN THE ENTIRE WORLD (wink wink)…


And Betsey says “HI everyone!!”

Fall cleaning…in other words FALL OCD’n!

7 Oct

I love spring cleaning but I really get my big spring cleaning bug in the fall. I think it is because after a long lazy summer school hits and I start feeling the NEED to organize and with the pressure of the holidays just around the corner that urge to organize and clean hits me like a ton of bricks. So I have been calling this my “fall OCD.”

With organizing comes cleaning. You can’t organize shelves without dusting and scrubbing and I just cant stick a bin of neat and tidy odds and ends into a dirty area! I have been on the hunt for some cleaning products that do several things for me. Here was my criteria:

1. Find something that cleans more than one specific thing.

2. Find something that is cost-effective.

3. Find something that does not take a lot of space.

4. Find something environmentally friendly.


So in my search quest I was led to Shaklee’s GET CLEAN Basic H2 from a wonderful blogger named Bonnie at House of Grace. (FYI: click on those highlighted thingy’s for more info). I read how she had been cleaning with these products for years, how well they work and how they all fit into my criteria listed above. When I first started reading about them I was like, “is she for real?!” and now that I have tried them out I want everyone to know YES! She is FOR REAL! I am not affiliated with Shaklee in any way, I do not sell Shaklee products (I SELL THIS in case you wanted to know) and I do not know Bonnie personally (I only know her by reading her awesome blog!). I just want to share with my friends how cool this cleaning stuff really is. And just so we are clear…my family doesn’t usually live in a filthy disgusting house as your about to see from my nasty pictures. I cook. A LOT. So please, don’t choke on your morning coffee or your afternoon diet coke while you read this!!

My box of goodies arrived yesterday! Sweet! Goodies for me!!

“Awww SNAP!” Love the pretty containers! (I like pretty things, what can I say?!) Here is what my GET CLEAN household mini kit came with:

*Just FYI: I am pretty sure this super concentrated cleaning goodness will last until my kids all graduate high school.

Hmmm. What to try first? How about my filthy stove?

Did you see that cooked on dirty ring around the burner? There is no cleaning product I have ever found to remove that. And the inside of my oven window? I could never get that clean without scratching the heck out of it. Notice you can barely see through that oven window. I know its nasty BUT I COOK!

So I busted out the Scour Off heavy duty paste that came with my mini kit and went to town on the top and inside of my stove. I did put some good old fashion elbow grease into my scrubbing but the cool part was that while I was working at getting off all that caked on, three years worth of grime & yuckiness it was ACTUALLY WORKING. Peace out Comet and 409!!!

And this is my end result (choir in the background singing HALLELUJAH!)…

Did you see it?! Did you see it?! Its my wood floors VISIBLE THROUGH THE OVEN WINDOW!!! We can now see our Pillsbury biscuits rising while they bake! Dear Lord, This is a VERY good day!

Now check the top of my stove. That grimy, nasty cooking ring is gone! (I don’t even want to use my stove because it is so clean!)…

Then I just shined up the rest of the stainless steel with the Basic H2. (And, “NO MOM! IT DOES NOT LEAVE STREAKS!” My mother is a streak freak and will try ANYTHING to see if it leaves streaks!)…

Check out my dirty sink’s before photo shoot…

And her “after” shot (that is the Cindy Crawford of kitchen sinks right there!)…

I know. Its a beautiful thing…I will give you a moment to dry your eyes.


So now you have seen how dirty a family of six gets in less than a 24 hour period and how quickly I can clean up after them. After I was done cleaning my stove I used that Basic H2 on my windows (again, NOOO MOM! IT DID NOT LEAVE STREAKS!), my fridge, my counter tops and hardwood floors. I am so excited that I have a safe cleaner to use around the house and I can use it on EVERYTHING. It is also safe enough to be around my daughter who has asthma. Do you know what this means??? SHE CAN CLEAN HER OWN BATHROOM!!! High five to me!!

If you want more information go to THIS BLOG to see for yourself!


Happy cleaning!!


There is only one thing better than the Goodwill…& that is a YARD SALE!

6 Oct

I get so excited on friday mornings here in Washington because it is what I call “opening day” for yard sales that usually last through the weekend. I have been trying really hard to resist going yard sale-ing the past couple of months because I have a tendency to get my “wants” and “needs” a little mixed up when I see so many sparkly (or in my case dusty!) objects luring me into their direction and begging me for a new coat of paint or a good scrub!

Out here in the north-west the yard sale season is winding down to a seasonal end because pretty soon we are going to be cold and wet. It was a slow day so I ventured off a little further than the norm searching for yard sale signs at every corner. Until finally I was led to what I call FATE! This yard sale was ALL FOR ME because pretty much everything I bought was for myself!

It was Hands down THE MOTHER LOAD OF CLOTHES! Which I so desperately need at the moment because in the past year I have lost almost 50 pounds. I can not even fit into the shoes I wore a year ago! So finding this yard sale was kismet for me. Everything my dear yard seller was selling FIT ME PERFECT…she was exactly my size and thankfully had the same taste! In fact I want to drive to her house again and beg her to be my stylist… her stuff was that cute!  On top of the clothes I also bought my daughter a metal Pier One bench for the foot of her bed. It still had the tag hanging from it and had spent its entire life in storage. SCORE FOR ME. I also purchased some adorable handbags including a brand new genuine Coach bag! Again…SCORE FOR ME!! Here are some pictures of my “new to me” gear…

I will start with the fun stuff. PURSES! I paid $2 for each purse except for the REAL Coach bag, that was $5 (what a steal!!)…

I also picked up some great Roxy, Abercrombie and American Eagle T-shirts in perfect condition for fifty cents a piece including that brand new GAP shirt with the tags still on it!

Next I found these really cute tanks trimmed with lace, sequins and ruffles all in perfect condition for fifty cents a piece!

I was in desperate need of sweaters that I was not swimming in so I pretty much bought all of her sweaters at $2 each! That grey one tucked in the back is an Abercrombie merino wool sweater that the seller paid almost $100 for!! Again, all I can say to this situation is “SCORE FOR ME!!”

And here are some adorable girly tops that I paid $1 each for…notice the gorgeous blue one with the satin ribbon…its Bebe!

Then I got these great knit tops that are perfect for work or layering under jackets when it starts to get cold. At $1 each I could not pass em up!

And last but not least I picked up this $45 Pier One bench for the foot of Taylor’s bed. The cushion has a couple of small spots on it but I plan on recovering it as soon as I can find some cute fabric! I figured I got so many steals with the clothes and bags I decided not to bargain her down on the price of the bench especially since it was brand new and exactly what I have been looking for for her room.

So, there you have it! My friday morning yard sale adventure. I was and still am thrilled with what I found. I did leave out a couple of things I had gotten…one being a black knit BCBG jumpsuit and a red knit top that were in the laundry this morning when I took these pictures:) The moral of this blog post is any one can drink champagne on a beer budget! Most people walk in my home and see how I decorate, look at what I (or my kids) wear and automatically assume I spend a fortune on all of this stuff but the truth is I DONT! I NEVER HAVE! AND  I NEVER WILL!!